My Recent Dives October, November & December 2019
Posted by Michael on 01 October 2020 00:00
3 October 2020 - The Apartments
Calm seas and little wind till after the dive when NE blew up as forecast. Anchored to W of Cathredral as fisher over it. Clean top 3 m, then a dirty 4 metres and then cleaner. Went SE and then E to corner, huge number of ladder-finned pomfrets and nannygai. Could not find entry! Went along wall to NW and could not see exit either! A blue devilfish here. Back and then S a bit and back to boat. A few PJs and wobbegongs, a large bullray, but not much else. Okay dive. Visibility fair.

4 October 2020 - Henry Head
Club boat dive. Was supposed to dive Red Flag but too rough and windy (NE). Saw whales at entrance to Botany Bay and some dolphins about 10 m from boat as we entered water. Went south, litlle tidal current at first but got bit stronger after 20 mins. Saw four sea dragons, one large, two small and one smaller again. Large had eggs, some hatched. Plenty of nudibranchs, including Okenia harasti and pink okenia. Kelly found a tiny 7 mm long red PPH. A small moray eel, some sea spiders, three large black reef leatherjackets and much more. A great dive. Visibility good.

5 October 2020 - Henry Head
So good yesterday, decided to dive here again, despite seas being down and wind low. Same as yesterday. Saw two sea dragons, not the ones we saw yesterday. Lots of Okenia harasti, no sea spiders, plenty of other interesting nudibranchs and a flat worm. Another moray eel, a few PJs, black reef leatherjackets. Wind came up while we were in and anchor came free as we ascended. Rough trip back across the bay. Great dive. Visibility good.

7 October 2020 - Bare Island RIF Reef
Other engine on port now not working, will take a month to fix due to marine places being so busy. A bit of swell so went in past plaque and then via channel to Shallow Wall. Then to RIF and back normal way. A bit of surge for most of the dive, made it hard to take photos. Viz only 3 m deeper and perhaps 4 shallower. Lots of nudibranchs, one RIF, the small orange painted anglerfish, the big belly sea horse and one Parramatta nudibranch. A really good dive despite visibility. Visibility poor.

9 October 2020 - Bare Island 15 Metre Reef
Very strong W wind so too rough to go off point. Went similar way to Wed but stayed at main reef edge and went NW towards 15 M Reef very slowly, 36 mins to reach the start of it. Saw the schooling catfish from Wed that I did not mention. Viz about 3 m but perhaps 4 deeper than 13 m. A lot warmer today, 17.0C min deep and 17.4 for most. Lots of nudibranchs of many species, including rarer ones. Ten mins on 15 M Reef, across to main reef again. Saw a few small cuttlefish, quite a few PJs, no RIF or PPH. Spent a long time looking for the Bare Island anglerfish but again could not find. Also for a baby pineapplefish said to be near the small orange painted anglerfish, again no luck. Parramatta nudi not there but the big belly sea horse was. Another great dive. Visibility poor.

10 October 2020 - Inscription Point
Boat out of action for a month due to problem with other engine, so shore diving will have to suffice. Just after low so not the best viz, 3-4 m. The calerpia weed is 2 or 3 times worse than last dive here about a month ago. I found three PPH, two white and one brown. Lots of PJs and plenty of different species of nudibranch. Also plenty of other divers! Saw a shag swimming around, only second time I have seen a bird underwater like this. A very nice dive. Visibility poor.

11 October 2020 - Bare Island 15 Metre Reef
My 100th dive for the year. Went in off W point to W. Ended up at the same spot as 7 & 9 dives. Then along sand edge to 15 M Reef and back normal way. Again, heaps of PJs and nudibranchs, some rarer. One RIF, two PPH, the orange anglerfish, the big belly sea horse, a Parramtta nudibranch (ha ha, Souths beat them last night!) and a few tiny fine-lined tambja. Also two pipefish, one tiny on 15 M Reef. Could not find the pineapplefish despite new directions. A really good dive. Visibility poor.

20 October 2020 - Bare Island 15 Metre Reef
A little swell and incoming tide, so went in near plaque. Followed gully and then W to 12 m. At least 7 m viz, 18.2C. Gradually went to 15 Metre Reef, arriving there at 38 minutes. Lots of nudibranch, two dozen PJs, a couple of spiny gurnards, a tiny pipefish, blue groper and a large and small cuttlefish. Then along reef and across to SH Corner and back. More nudibranchs and two flatworms. A red PPH near cave, the tiny painted anglerfish was not in normal spot, about 30 cm away and on low rock. The big belly sea horse looks pregnant. No tamjas at all. An excellent dive, 88 minutes. Visibility fair.

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