My Recent Dives - July, August, September 2024
Posted by Michael on 08 July 2024 00:00
In this log I use some acronyms to make it easier for me to remember where I went and what I saw:

LOCATIONS (Mostly at Bare Island unless otherwise stated - see website pages for locations) 
SHR - Sea horse rock
OHR - Opera House rocks
STR - Sea tulip rocks
SHC - Sea horse corner
BR - Block rock (also Big Rock at Inscription Point)
RIFR - Red indianfish reef
IR1 -Isolated Reef 1
IR2 -Isolated Reef 2
15MR - 15 Metre Reef
LR - Long rock
AR - Anglerfish rock
N, S, E, W, NE, NW etc - compass headings
LBR - Little big rock at Inscription Point
ER - Exit Rock at Inscription Point

BIA - Bare Island Anglerfish (red fingered anglerfish)
PPH - Pygmy pipehorse
BBSH - Big belly sea horse
RIF - Red indianfish
USDP - Upsidedown pipefish

9 July 2024 - Inscription Point
First dive for 9 days due to more rotten weather. Also first dive with new Ikelite housing, went well. A bit or effort getting in and especially out and quite surgy. Viz about 10 metres at least. The bullray went past right at the start but no turtle. Saw two sea dragons, one with heaps of eggs, laid last Sunday I think. No PPHs but a nembrotha and the miamira seen. Three sea horses as normal and Mandy's small painted anglerfish is now quite orange. A bit of a rush back as the others low on air. Nice dive despite the surge. Visibility good.

10 July 2024 - Pizza Reef
Club boat dive, ended up two boats and 9 divers at two sites. I had five on board and new engines easily handled it. A larger E swell than forecast and a bit of surge even at 26 metres. Anchored off N end of the gap between the two parts. Heard whales through most of the dive and saw many on the surface. Viz at least 15 metres. Saw a tiny donut nembrotha just on way to cave. None out on the normal spot. A few bastard trumpeters and some other fish in the cave. A large school of seapike further on. No donuts at S end, not as much rock there now. Back around to gap and down S and then to anchor, another larger donut to E of anchor. Spent the rest of the time near anchor. A very good dive. Visibility very good.

11 July 2024 - Bare Island Isolated Reef 1
Another sunny day, two in a row! Very cold again on the top but warmer 17C on bottom. Found five RIF, including one which was shedding its skin. This was near SHR. Two were at STR, two between there and the other one. One was a small orange specimen. Went around edge of the reef down to IR1 and to where it joins IR2. I turned here as only using 9 litre tank. Went to top of the reef but nothing special seen there. Two USDPF towards SHR. Lots of leatherjackets around, a couple of lionfish and moray eels. No PPH at all. When back at the shedding RIF, it was gone but the skin was there. I took it but it ended up clumped together. A really good dive despite the cold. Visibility very good. 

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