My Recent Dives - May & June 2015
Posted by Michael on 01 May 2015 00:00
28 May 2015 - Catlypso Bommie, Lady Musgrave Island
First dive in 6 weeks due to rotten weather and then sailing north to Queensland. Arrived this afternoon so dived on the anchor and then the bommies under the boat and nearby. Reg leaked badly, will need to look at it tomorrow. Not a bad little dive, only 8 m max, but lots of small tropicals. Heaps of bannerfish, butterflyfish, some clownfish and a few moorish idols. Also saw some larger fish. Lots of coral. Will make a nice night dive. Visibility good.

29 May 2015 - Cabbage Bommie, Lady Musgrave Island
This is a small bommie in the lagoon, close to the entrance. Anchored on W side and then went around it. There are some small coral outcrops off it that we also examined. It is not large, perhaps 40 x 30 m. The NW side has a shear wall, whereas the rest is cabbage coral. Lots of normal tropical species, with some nice Moorish idols, bannerfish, blind shrimp and gobies, butterflyfish and more. Sand is very fine and when stirred up creates a fog. Very milky because of this. Nice easy dive. Visibility good.

30 May 2015 - Lagoon Entrance, Lady Musgrave Island
Kelly dropped me outside the channel in line with the second starboard marker and the cardinal marker. I swam NE and then E into channel, quite nice out here. Wow, this is very fast. The incoming current was at least 3 to 4 knots, I flew. Saw a couple of turtles and a very large cod/groper, not sure what sort. Lots of fish so far. Back inside lagoon turned right and came out of current. A large brain coral bommie off here, very nice, with a large turtle asleep near top. Back to main reef and then surfaced as I was not sure where Kelly was. Apparently I went fairly close to her but the water was milky inside. A very nice dive, just too short. Visibility very good outside and in channel, only fair inside.

31 May 2015 - North Coral Gardens, Lady Musgrave Island
This dive was centred on where we started yesterday's dive, just south of the entrance to the lagoon. We anchored off small wall in 9 m and headed N to about 15 m. A large bommie out here that had lots of fish around. A large turtle here. Then headed back SE towards the shallower reef. A large shark went past here, I have never seen before and we do not have shark ID book. Followed the wall back to SW to anchor and then went W out deeper to 13 m. A few more large bommies here. Then back to the wall, a bit to the SW and then followed wall back to anchor. Saw a large eagle ray. Lots of unicornfish, surgeonfish, a few species of anemones and clownfish, trevally, red bass and more. A really nice dive. Visibility very good.

13 June 2015 - Anchor Search, Great Keppel Island
Anchor search. Spy Panda, another Lightwave, lost her anchor yesterday morning when the chain broke. Geoff the owner marked where he thought it was and I searched. However, after 51 mins I still could not find. Viz was about 0.25 m on the bottom, very fine sand. Did a grid pattern search and will try again tomorrow when the swell has dropped more. Visibility very shithouse.

14 June 2015 - Anchor Search, Great Keppel Island
Another search for the missing anchor, however the viz was even worse than yesterday, I could not see 150 mm. Did one circle around the recalculated spot using a rope, covering a circle about 20 m diameter. Found nothing and gave up as it was that bad. Visibility very, very shithouse, probably the worst I have ever dived in.

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