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    Sydney Dive Site Hints
    "By-Pass Reef was named after John Beddie"
    SS President Coolidge - Beauty Shop

    BEAUTY SHOP (Maximum depth 55m)

    Swim out to the mooring or you can only swim out till you see the ship's bow. Follow the hull from the bow and go to the western side and follow the Promenade Deck (or at least where it used to be) till you reach the rear section. Once at the end, drop over to the deck below. Here you will see a small wheeled artillery gun. This is upsidedown. It may be the one that was used for practise gunnery on the ship's voyage across the Pacific.

    The rear section of the Promenade DeckArtillery Gun
    Kelly and the guide, Charles, near
    the stern end of the Promenade Deck
    The small artillery gun near the pool and Soda Fountain

    The Beauty Shop is located forward of the Soda Fountain and the Swimming Pool. You enter via a door on the next level down from the pool near the artillery gun. Straight inside this compartment there is a sign which says "Beauty Shop". The Barber Shop is below and you can see the barber's chair sticking (seemingly) out of the wall. Continue on by exiting the ship or go up a level via the lobby (to your left). You used to be able to enter the First Class Smoking Room.

    The Beauty Shop SignBarbers Chair
    The Beauty Shop signThe Barbers Chair

    From here you swim forward a short distance along the upper side of the A Deck through the accommodation. We went up a level through the Enigine Room Vent Trunk to the Promenade Deck. Here you will see that you are almost out in the open near the start of the collapsed remains of the First Class Smoking Room and the old location of The Lady. You will see the remains of the three rows of toilets that have fallen down and a couple of rope ladders. Ahead is The Lobby. Before here, you enter through the elevator shaft (this runs right into the ship to The First Class Dining Room).

    The ToiletsA Deck
    The toilets from aboveKelly swims along A Dec

    Once back in the A Deck, turn left and cross The Lobby. You swim past more accommodation, past toilets and showers. A bit further on you can go back up to the Promenade Deck into the Continental Lounge and then The Library. You exit out the forward windows of The Bridge.

    From here you angle up towards the upper bow gun and the deco stop.

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