Four Wheel Drive Trips
Posted by Michael on 19 February 2007 11:57
My other recreational activity is four wheel driving and camping. I have done a few long trips as well as many shorter trips out of Sydney.

I have added a new page that gives links to the various articles on these trips. Over the coming months I will update and expand the articles and add photos.

At the moment, our trip to Western NSW is complete and I have also completed my Simpson Desert/Central Australia trip as well as some of our other trips like Sofala/Hill End, Yeranderie and the Snowy Mountains.

I have now done my trip to Cape York in 2000 but still need to find some more photos and scan them and add to the pages. Hopefully I can complete this by the end of June 2007, but it may take longer as I will be on my honeymoon for a fair bit of May/June.

Click on the menu item above the weather at left to find the link page.

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